Schrodinger’s iCat

Everything in existence must inevitably come before the microscope of the Mob, whereupon it will be deemed worthy of either Normalisation or Cancellation.

Until the entity — be it a topic, an artist, an artistic expression, a human being, a creature, a behaviour, a philosophy (collective or individual), an ideology, an item of any kind — comes before the almighty glare of the Mob, it exists in a shaky and indefinite sort of limbo, switching rapidly and persistently between that of acceptable and criminal.

The influence of that pitiless Mob is such that there is a knowledge among all regarding that which has and has not yet been either approved or denied. That which has yet to be judged constitutes a sheet of ice beneath the feet of those engaged in or with the entity, causing self-doubt, insecurity, a sense of confusion and unknowingness. Everything is worthy of both Normalisation and Cancellation until the faceless Mob made up of a multitude of faces and typing wrists and clacking fingertips and seas of self-righteous half-grins looses the tides and opens the box and declares to the hungry world whether it be #Cancelled or #Normalised. There is no in between. No grey. No complexity. No history. No empathy. Only pure ideology.

Beware the Mob.



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